Monday, January 14, 2013

Inkheart-Cornelia Funke

This book was alright not that interesting and a bit boring at some parts.I hardly finished it but the plot was nice and I kept reading it just to know what would happen.

It talks about a man that has the ability to read characters outside of their books and since then they've been trying to catch him to force him to read other stuff outside of different books but he has to protect his daughter along the way.

I can't explain how much I hated his daughter(Meggie) she was so whiny and always complained.She was the main reason of me not enjoying this book as much as I thought I would.But I do love Elinor She was the character I liked the most.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obsidian-Jennifer L. Armentrout

Let me just tell you how amazing this book is!!!
I could not put it down even though it was late and I had school the next day.But it was so worth it.
to be honest I almost didn't buy this book because of it's cover,and when I read what the story was about I wasn't that exited for it either but then I gave up and bought it and once I started reading this book it was almost impossible to simply just stop reading it.

Obsidian talks about Katy a normal blogger that simply loves books and has to move with her mother to get over her fathers death.
While she was trying to be social she knocked on her neighbors and came upon this beautiful piece of art which is Daemon other than his looks nothing seems to be good about him.
but then Katy finds out that Daemon and his sister are aliens and her knowing  a secret like that might get her killed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cinder-Marissa Meyer

I think I bought this book when it first came out,but I have no idea why I haven't read it sooner! I can't even describe how amazing this book is it took the original fairy tale to a whole new level.

The story is about a 16 year old cyborg called Cinder also known as the best mechanical in New Beijing.One day Prince Kai himself to her weekly market booth asking her to fix his broken android before the annual ball.
Unfortunately her step-sister is infected with a fatal plague.Being blamed by her stepmother for her daughters illness,Cinder has been Volunteered for plague research that no one has survived.
But then something unusual happens that others would probably kill for.

My favorite character was Iko her android she was just awesome.And also Prince Kai again for the fact that he shares his name with a Korean singer,I'm just biased towards that kind of stuff!   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can you keep a secret?-Sophie Kinsella

First of all I just want to say how excited I was to read this book,    the story sounded really interesting and funny.
Now I must tell you how hilarious this book is,I laughed so  hard while reading it,but at the same time it was so slow at some points that I would consider not finishing it.

The story begins with a young woman called Emma Corrigan that has some really embarrassing secrets.
One day for some reason she spills every single one of them to this handsome stranger on the plane,Until she realizes that he is not a stranger but Jack Harper,the company's CEO.

I just need to point out how much I hated her friend Jemima,I seriously felt like chocking her every time she has appeared on this book!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Speak-Laurie Halse Anderson

This book left me speechless after I was done reading it.It talks about such a strong message that everybody should be aware of.

This book talks about Melinda Sordino a girl who busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops.Now none of her friends wants to talk to her or even look at her.No one knows why she called the cops the night of the party but her,and she kept that a secret for a long.Until one day she speaks and tells everybody the truth about what happened that night.

I loved Melinda,I'm not sure why I just do,she grew on me throughout the book.But I hated her parents they really pissed me off.They didn't care about her or ask how she felt.

Overall this was an eyeopening book that everybody should at least read it once.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Between the lines-Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer

This is actually my first Jodi Picoult novel and it's her first YA book,I really enjoyed it,it has a fairy tale-ish concept to it and I like that about it.

This book talks about Delilah a fifteen year old girl who is obsessed with a fairy tale,unlike any other girl her age she prefers to read books instead of dating and cheerleading which makes her pretty much an outcast.
She loves happy endings that's why she keeps reading this book over and over again because she already knows what's gonna happen.
One day while reading,prince Oliver from the book starts talking to her asking her if she could get him out of this book,but it wasn't as easy as they thought.

I personally didn't  like Delilah she was really annoying and from what I understood she didn't care about anybody but herself.

I laughed a lot while reading this book like I literally laughed out loud throughout this book. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Slide-Jill Hathaway

This book was simply great even though I wasn't expecting that much of it.
The mystery was amazing and you probably wouldn't believe who the killer is,I myself was shocked,I was Like "WHAT!!" that might be your reaction once you find out who it was.

Sylvia aka "Vee" is a girl that has the ability to enter peoples heads and see trough their eyes,but that only can happen when she touches something personal of theirs.
But everything changed when she entered the mind of her sisters best friends killer,while everybody believed that she killed herself only Vee knows the truth and she's doing everything she can to solve the murder.

If you're interested in murder/mystery books like myself then I would simply tell you "GO PICK THIS UP",you wouldn't regret it.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Maze Runner-James Dashner

First of all I just wanted to say how amazing this book is,I simply could not put it down.And I would recommend it to anybody who is a fan of The hunger games or any other dystopia.

This story is about a boy named thomas who woke up in the lift not remembering anything but his name,when he got out he found himself surrounded with boys, teenage boys,from all shapes and sizes,all of them also don't remember anything  their names.But the day after thomas's arrival a girl shows up with a message which is strange because girls never show up let alone with a message.

My favorite character is probably Minho,mostly for his Korean name and the fact that he's Asian.But what I also like about him is that he had always trusted thomas whatever was the situation. 

It's a quick read that you won't regret starting.