Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obsidian-Jennifer L. Armentrout

Let me just tell you how amazing this book is!!!
I could not put it down even though it was late and I had school the next day.But it was so worth it.
to be honest I almost didn't buy this book because of it's cover,and when I read what the story was about I wasn't that exited for it either but then I gave up and bought it and once I started reading this book it was almost impossible to simply just stop reading it.

Obsidian talks about Katy a normal blogger that simply loves books and has to move with her mother to get over her fathers death.
While she was trying to be social she knocked on her neighbors and came upon this beautiful piece of art which is Daemon other than his looks nothing seems to be good about him.
but then Katy finds out that Daemon and his sister are aliens and her knowing  a secret like that might get her killed.

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